I want a girl who gets excited to talk to me. A girl who saves stories throughout the day just to tell them to me later. I want someone who texts me every morning to tell me to have a good day, even if I’ve been up at school for 3 hours already. I just want someone who acts like they care. Because I haven’t been getting much of that lately, and when people ask what’s wrong, I don’t know what to say. “I don’t feel loved?” “I don’t feel like I’m being fought for or given the effort i deserve?” It seems to petty to say out loud. i just want to feel excited to talk to someone. I want passion, and I don’t have it.
what the fuck happened. // touchmykat (via hefuckin)
This true love is not for you to receive anymore, this passionate kiss is not yours to have anymore, the comforting cuddle is not yours to keep forever anymore, this loving touch is not for you to feel anymore, this meaningful gaze is not for you to witness anymore, the sweetest making love is not for you to experience anymore. I am not yours anymore. That, I am relieved of.
People don’t like you, honey, that’s a good sign
Most people don’t know nothing but opinions
Very few find the facts
You keep trying to make them all side with you
You’re gonna waste all your time
Because you can’t get ‘em, shouldn’t want ‘em, don’t need ‘em
So move on, be righteous and relax
Fiona Apple from an interview with Rolling Stone (via lovequotesrus)